Decision made with AI pdf book free to download

About this book

This co-badged guidance by the ICO and The Alan Turing Institute aims to give organizations practical advice to help explain the processes, services, and decisions delivered or assisted by AI, to the individuals affected by them.

Topics Covered in this book

  • Part 1 The basics of explaining AI
  • Definitions
  • Legal framework
  • Benefits and risks
  • What goes into an explanation?
  • What are the contextual factors?
  • The principles to follow
  • Part 2: Explaining AI in practice
  • Summary of the tasks to undertake
  • Task 1: Select priority explanations by considering the domain, use case and impact on the individual
  • Task 2: Collect and pre-process your data in an explanation-aware manner
  • Task 3: Build your system to ensure you are able to extract relevant information for a range of
  • explanation types
  • Task 4: Translate the rationale of your system’s results into useable and easily understandable reasons
  • Task 5: Prepare implementers to deploy your AI system
  • Task 6: Consider how to build and present your explanation
  • Part 3: What explaining AI means for your organization
  • Organizational roles and functions for explaining AI
  • Policies and procedures
  • Documentation
  • Annex 1: Example of building and presenting an explanation of a cancer diagnosis
  • Annex 2: Algorithmic techniques
  • Annex 3: Supplementary models
  • Annex 4: Further reading
  • Annex 5: Argument-based assurance cases