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About Book

This book has 50+ pages that cover the basic to advanced topic of Linux programming with practical program and code examples and developed by if you want to learn Linux programming then this book is for you. this book is developed by professional programmers for educational purposes.

Book contents

  1. Getting started with GNU/Linux
  2. Detecting Linux distribution name and version
  3. getting information on a running Linux kernel
  4. shell
  5. check disk space
  6. getting system information
  7. command 
  8. file compression with tar command
  9. services
  10. managing services
  11. modifying users
  12. LAMP stack
  13. tea command
  14. secure shell
  15. SCP
  16. GnuPG
  17. network configuration
  18. midnight commander
  19. change root
  20. package mangers
  21. compiling the Linux kernel