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About Book

This book has 100+ pages that cover the basic to advanced topic of MATLAB programming with practical program and code examples and developed by if you want to learn MATLAB programming then this book is for you. this book is developed by professional programmers for educational purposes.

Book contents

  1. Getting started with MATLAB language
  2. initializing matrices or arrays
  3. conditions
  4. functions
  5. set operations
  6. documenting functions
  7. using functions with logical output
  8. for loops
  9. object-oriented programming 
  10. vectorization
  11. matrix decompositions
  12. Graphics 2D and 3D transformations
  13. controlling subplot coloring in MATLAB
  14. image processing
  15. drawing
  16. financial application
  17. Fourier transforms and inverse Fourier transforms
  18. ordinary differential equations solvers
  19. interpolation with MATLAB
  20. integration
  21. reading large files
  22. usage of accumarray function
  23. introduction to MEX API
  24. debugging
  25. performance and benchmarking
  26. multithreading
  27. using serial ports
  28. undocumented features
  29. MATLAB best practices
  30. MATLAB user interface
  31. useful tricks
  32. common mistakes and errors