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About Book

This book covers the basic to advanced topic of android development programming with practical program and code examples and developed by if you want to learn android development then this book is for you. this book is developed by professional programmers for educational purposes.

Book contents

  1. Getting started with MongoDB
  2. crud operation
  3. getting database information
  4. querying for data
  5. update operators
  6. update operators
  7. upserts and inserts
  8. collections
  9. aggregation
  10. indexes
  11. bulk operations
  12. 2dsphere index
  13. pluggable storage engines
  14. java driver
  15. python driver
  16. mongo as shards
  17. replication
  18. mongo is a replica set
  19. MongoDB - configure a replica set to support tls/SSL
  20. authentication mechanisms in MongoDB
  21. MongoDB authorization model
  22. configuration
  23. backing up and restoring data
  24. upgrading MongoDB version