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About Book

This book has 100+ pages that cover the basic to advanced topic of React JS with practical program and code examples and developed by if you want to learn React JS then this book is for you. this book is developed by professional programmers for educational purposes.

Book Contents

  1. Getting started to react
  2. components
  3. using react js with typescript
  4. state in react
  5. props in react
  6. react component lifecycle
  7. forms and user input
  8. react boilerplate
  9. using reactjs with jquery
  10. react routing
  11. communicate between components
  12. how to set up a basic webpack react and bable environment
  13. react create class vs extends react component
  14. react ajax call
  15. communication between components
  16. stateless functional components
  17. performance
  18. introduction to server-side rendering
  19. setting up react environment
  20. using react with flow
  21. jsx
  22. react forms
  23. user interface solutions
  24. using react js in flux way
  25. react webpack and typescript installation
  26. how and why to use keys in react 
  27. keys in react
  28. higher-order components
  29. react with redux
  30. installation
  31. react tools