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About Book

This book has 80+ pages that cover the basic to advanced topic of TypeScript with practical program and code examples and developed by www.goalkicker.com. if you want to learn TypeScript then this book is for you. this book is developed by professional programmers for educational purposes.

Book contents

  1. Getting started with TypeScript
  2. Why and when to use TypeScript
  3. typescript core types
  4. arrays
  5. enums
  6. functions
  7. classes
  8. class decorator
  9. interfaces
  10. generics
  11. strict null checks
  12. user-defined type guards
  13. typescript basic examples
  14. importing external libraries
  15. modules exporting and importing
  16. publish typescript definition files
  17. using typescript with webpack
  18. mixins
  19. how to use a javascript library without a type definition file
  20. typescript installing typescript and running the typescript compiler tsc
  21. configure typescript project to compile all files in typescript
  22. integrating with build tools
  23. using typescript with requirejs
  24. typescript with angular js
  25. typescript with systemjs
  26. using typescript with react
  27. TSLint assuring code quality and consistency
  28. tsconfig.json
  29. debugging
  30. unit-testing