About Book

This book covers the python interview questions with answers. so if you are preparing for python developer interview then this pdf book notes is for you.

Book contents

  1. What is python and its benefits
  2. What is PEP 8
  3. What is pickling and unpickling
  4. How python is interpreted
  5. How memory is managed in python
  6. What are the tools that help to find bugs or perform static analysis
  7. What are Python decorators
  8. What is the difference between list and tuple
  9. How are arguments passed by value or by reference
  10. What is Dict and List comprehensions are
  11. What are the built-in type does python provides
  12. What is namespace in python
  13. What is lambda in python
  14. Why lambda forms in python do not have statements
  15. What is a pass in python
  16. what are iterators
  17. What is a unit test in python
  18. What is Slicing
  19. What are generators
  20. What is docstring
  21. How can you copy an object in python
  22. What is a negative index in python
  23. How you can convert a number to a string
  24. What is the difference between Xrange and range
  25. What are module and package
  26. What are the rules for local and global variables
  27. How can you share global variables across modules
  28. Explain how can you make a python script executable on Unix
  29. Explain how to delete a file in python
  30. Explain how can you generate random numbers in python
  31. Explain how can you access a module written in python from c
  32. Mention the use of // operator in python
  33. Mention five benefits of using python
  34. Mention the use of the split function
  35. Explain what is a flask and it's benefits
  36. What is the difference between Django, Pyramid, and flask
  37. What is flask-WTF and it's features
  38. Explain what is the common way for the flask script to work
  39. Explain how you can access session in the flask
  40. Is flask an MVC model and if yes give an example showing MVC pattern for your application